Jim Blankenship, RN, BHA, BSN, SSHC, LEANHC, RLNC Healthcare Executive /Management Consultant/ Author/White Paper Master
Jim Blankenship, RN, BHA, BSN, SSHC, LEANHC, RLNCHealthcare Executive /Management Consultant/ Author/White Paper Master  

Jim Blankenship, RN, BSN, BHA, Six Sigma HC, LEAN HC

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Greetings, I'm Jim Blankenship, a highly experienced Registered Nurse with over 24 years of expertise in various nursing fields such as Critical Care, Emergency Nursing, Cardiovascular, GI, Interventional Radiology, Neuro, and Vascular procedural areas. I've held numerous leadership positions during my career, including Charge Nurse, Manager, House Supervisor, and Director of Cardiovascular and Critical Care Service Lines.


In 1995, I became a Registered Legal Nurse Consultant. I currently provide outstanding services to legal firms nationwide by reviewing and assisting with legal cases concerning Nursing Standards of Care in malpractice cases.


As an Independent Consultant and Employed Leader, I've designed and implemented countless programs at medical centers, including Stemi, Stroke, Team Building, and Employee and Patient Satisfaction improvement plans. I've also been a Key Planner in two EMR designs and implementations.


In 2007, I earned two crucial credentials: Certification in Six Sigma for Healthcare and LEAN Certification for Healthcare. These certifications and my bedside and leadership experience have given me a better understanding of the issues facing Nursing and Healthcare facilities. I've worked with over 30 facilities to enhance their quality of care, compliance, and profitability.


My ultimate objective is to reduce Nursing frustrations by streamlining processes and enhancing patient care and efficiency. All projects have been successful and proved efficient and effective for both Nursing and the facilities.


I am an author and white paper content master.  


Visit our Services page to learn more about my exceptional services to your facility. Rest assured that your information will never be shared with anyone for any reason.


Thank you for considering my services, and always remember, "Lead, follow, or get out of the Way!"


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