Jim Blankenship, RN, BHA, BSN, SSHC, LEANHC, RLNC Healthcare Executive /Management Consultant/ Author/White Paper Master
Jim Blankenship, RN, BHA, BSN, SSHC, LEANHC, RLNCHealthcare Executive /Management Consultant/ Author/White Paper Master  

Compliance and Regulatory Consulting

Is your facility having challenges regarding the ever-changing world of Regulatory Compliance?  If so, you are not alone.  Over 1,000 facilities nationwide are struggling with Compliance problems at any given time. This type of scrutiny also takes away from your second priority..remaining solvent in today's volatile healthcare world, as fines and penalties directly affect your bottom line.  Our Compliance Rx Program provides your facility with a cost-effective means to become compliant. It integrates Six Sigma and LEAN principles to facilitate permanent culture change to ensure your facility becomes an industry leader in patient care and best business practices!


Our Compliance Rx Program is a proprietary comprehensive program developed exclusively to assist all healthcare facilities.  Compliance Rx is a trademarked and copyrighted property.


Our Compliance Rx Program provides you with comprehensive Compliance consulting, including:


  • Immediate Compliance with on-site Mock Survey and review of recent deficiencies

  • Six Sigma evaluation to eliminate variables in care and processes/future violations

  • LEAN evaluation to provide your Administration with practical business solutions = savings that grow long after the Project=ROI!

  • Comprehensive and integrated Plans of Correction with oversight

  • On-site collaboration and representation during all Site Surveys

  • 24/7 Compliance Rx phone support for all your questions


While we value your continued business, our ultimate goal is to educate your staff to develop and implement future improvements with our building blocks.  We have assisted 30-plus facilities to survive and thrive from Special Focus/Immediate Jeopardy status.  

Isn't it time your facility moved from follower to Leader?  


Call today for immediate assistance!!  Jim 


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