Jim Blankenship, RN, BHA, BSN, SSHC, LEANHC, RLNC Healthcare Executive /Management Consultant/ Author/White Paper Master
Jim Blankenship, RN, BHA, BSN, SSHC, LEANHC, RLNCHealthcare Executive /Management Consultant/ Author/White Paper Master  

Six Sigma and LEAN Consulting

Bring Six Sigma and LEAN to your facility


My company provides Six Sigma and LEAN consulting to your facility to streamline and make your processes more effective and profitable!  Combining these two services can maximize your resources and allow you to provide the best care to your patients at lower costs!  Today's healthcare environment requires all facilities to be efficient and competative.


Call today to become an efficient and profitable business to provide better care of your patients with lower costs.  You can do better with less...less ineffective processes, ineffective employees, and less patient care issues!  Call today....Jim


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